Frequently Asked Questions for G16 Skin Repair Lotion

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  1. Can I use G16 with another moisturizer/lotion or skin product?
    We recommend that you use only G16 for at least the first month. This is because using other products at the same time can dilute G16 and affect the results. Once you are seeing the great results with G16, you can use trial and error when it comes to introducing other products to see what works best for you.
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  2. I have been using G16 for a week and it is making my skin very dry should I stop using it?
    No, do not stop using G16 as this is completely normal and it is just the skin getting ready to exfoliate the old dead cells. You should continue to use G16 exactly as per the instructions and start to aid the exfoliation by gently rubbing your skin with a wash cloth when bathing.
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  3. Can I use G16 on a baby or child?
    We do not recommend using G16 on children under 4 years of age. This is because the skin is very sensitive due to some of the natural acids in G16.
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  4. When I apply G16, it stings my skin or makes it red, should I stop using it?
    The most common cause of this is that the skin is scratched or broken. Sometimes the skin can be broken but is not visible to the eye. If it stings badly and persists, then wash it with some water, leave for a few days and try applying again on the same area.
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  5. How long does it take G16 to start working?
    It usually takes around 4-5 days if the instructions are followed exactly but every person is different due to their unique genetic make-up. People have seen results in as little as three days and others it has been closer to 21 days. It depends on many factors such as weather/temperature, how bad your condition is, if the instructions have been followed exactly, if G16 has been diluted by another product or washed off before it has had time to start to work.
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  6. How long should I leave G16 on my skin?
    You need to leave G16 on your skin for at least 6-8 hours, ideally 10 hours, before it is washed off. Most people will shower or bath once per day, so it should be applied after washing when the skin has been completely dried. It should be applied once in the morning and once in the evening, ideally before you sleep.
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  7. Does G16 leave a greasy layer on the skin?
    No, G16 has been developed to soak in to the skin within minutes and will not leave a greasy layer on your skin. Our unique G16 technology will leave a micro layer on the skin but it will not be detectable until you wash it off
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  8. How much G16 should I use on each area of my body?
    For the average adult we recommend one full pump on each lower leg, one full pump on each upper leg, one full pump for each arm, 2 full pumps for the front of the torso, 2 full pumps for the back of the torso and half pump for the face or scalp. You can halve this amount for a child.
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  9. What happens if I get G16 in my eye or mouth?
    Wash with cold water immediately until the lotion has been washed out. It does not taste nice, so do not apply to the mouth or other mucus membranes
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  10. How long will a bottle last me?
    It all depends on the condition you are using it on, how severe it is and which parts of the body are affected. For the average person, you will expect to use about two bottles in the first month and about one bottle per month thereafter. People generally use more in the first month as this is when the skin is at its worst. After 4-6 weeks when the skin starts to become normal you can use less and less. After 8 weeks, people normally use G16 one week on and one week off to keep the skin looking good and maintain it.
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  11. What are the ingredients of G16?
    You can see the ingredients of G16 on the ingredients page
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  12. Why is it expensive?
    We have tried to make G16 as cheap as we possibly can without putting ourselves out of business. If you compare G16's price to some other well-known skincare products on the market, you will find that they are sometimes double if not triple the price of G16 Skin Repair and for a lesser amount. G16 works extremely well and there is nothing on the market that comes close to it when the instructions are followed exactly.
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  13. Which skin conditions can I use it on?
    G16 works extremely well on any condition where the skin is dry or flaky such as Xerosis, Eczema, Ichthyosis, Keratosis, Psoriasis and many more
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  14. Should I avoid using G16 on certain skin conditions?
    Yes, you should avoid using G16 on conditions where the skin is thin or has open wounds.
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  15. Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, we ship Worldwide. For more details go to our Shipping page.
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  16. How long is delivery to my country?
    Usually, 1-5 days, but sometimes longer if you are in a remote area. The UK, Europe and East Coast USA is usually next day delivery, other parts of USA are usually 2 days from order. Africa, Asia, Australasia is usually 3-4 days. South America is usually 4-5 days.
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  17. Why does my bank transaction to you differ from the price I saw on the website?
    We are based in England, UK and legally we have to take payments in UK Pounds. As you are aware exchange rates go up and down and the currency price you chose when ordering is a rough estimate as your bank has to convert your currency to UK Pounds, this varies depending on who you bank with.
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  18. How do I track my order/I have not received my order?
    You can firstly go to My Account and track your order. If it is with DHL then you can track your order at and you will need to contact DHL in your country quoting your tracking number. They may need some additional details from you in order to deliver your package. If your package was sent with Royal Mail, you can go to If you cannot find out about your package here then you can go to and choose your country, then track your item through your local country website.
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  19. Will G16 cure my condition permanently?
    G16 is a treatment and not a cure. Depending on your skin condition it can sometimes completely restore the skin without the symptoms coming back. If your condition is genetic, it is likely that you will need to keep using G16; however after the initial six weeks of using G16 you can use trial and error to use the least amount of lotion possible.
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  20. Are the before and after pictures real?
    The before and after pictures are 100% genuine and are from our own customers that have used G16 exactly as described in the instructions. We have their permission to use the pictures and we never mention any names for data protection of our customers.
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  21. Can I get G16 on prescription through the NHS?
    At this time G16 is not available through the NHS and does not need a prescription. It may be something that will happen in the future.
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  22. Can I claim on my insurance for G16?
    We have many customers that make repeat orders and claim on their health insurance for every order.
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  23. Can I get a bulk discount?
    We do not offer any bulk discounts at this time. However we do run offers at different times and they will be shown to you on the shopping cart page. We would also recommend that you sign up for our newsletters. This way you will be amongst the first to know of any offers we run and discounts currently available. We do not send lots of annoying emails, but once in a while will inform you of any offers. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up.
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  24. I have been using G16 for several weeks and not seen any improvement, why?
    In 99% of cases the reason you have not seen results is that the instructions have not been followed exactly as described. It is very important that they are followed exactly as it will have a large influence on the results. However, if you are still not seeing results after 6 weeks, please get in touch with us and we will try to give you some pointers that usually rectify the problem.
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  25. Where can I buy G16 in my country?
    Currently G16 is only available to buy online but we ship worldwide so we can get it to you in your country. Our website is kept up to date so should where we sell change, you will be able to find out on here.
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  26. Do you work with any charities?
    Yes we work with several charities for different skin conditions, please contact us for details
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  27. Is G16 suitable for dogs?
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  28. Can I use G16 if I am pregnant?
    Yes you can, but we advise that you do not apply before breast feeding.
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  29. The pump on the bottle is not working, how do I fix it?
    Sometimes there maybe an airlock in the tube please do the following... Unscrew the lid and pull it out with the suction tube. Press the pump a few times, then dip the tube back in to the bottle a few times making sure it dips the lotion. Screw the lid back on and pump until the lotion comes out. If this method does not work... Unscrew the lid and pull it out with the suction tube. Detach the tube from the pump, Pump the dispenser a few times, Reattach the tube. Insert the pump and tube back in to the bottle and pump it until the lotion comes out.
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