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21 Day Guarantee

We understand that you may have previously spent lots of money on different products that have failed to live up to your expectations. We want to give you the confidence to try G16 Skin Repair with no risk, so we offer a 21-day money back guarantee.

Before you decide that you would like to return your G16, please Contact us first and speak to one of our helpful staff who can offer advice and tips on how to get G16 working brilliantly for you.  There is usually a very simple reason why you may not be seeing the improvements you want and we can guide you in the right direction so that you can get the best results for your particular skin type.  We know and totally understand that everyone is different and that their skin is unique and results can vary from person to person. 

We have a variety of frequently asked questions on our FAQ page where you can find some useful tips or use our G16 Calculator to get the most out of your G16.

G16 Skin Repair has been proven time and time again to help many skin conditions and as long as the instructions are followed exactly then you will see results! We are so confident that you will be more than impressed with G16 Skin Repair Lotion and that is why we offer the 21-day money back guarantee. 

We have many thousands of very happy customers worldwide that use the G16 lotion and it has changed their lives.

We strive for customer satisfaction and great customer service, as we believe that word of mouth and recommendations are the key to our success. You can be sure that we will always attempt to give you the best service available from beginning to end.

Please see Refund and return policy for terms and conditions.

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